Venus Bay

Venus Bay is a large landlocked area which is much obstructed by islands and sandbars. It offers shelter from rough weather from all quarters for, although it is surrounded by quite low-lying land, its waters are so shallow and obstructed by sandbars that no really large seas can be created.

When approaching from the south, Point Weyland will be seen off the port bow. This substantial headland should not be approached closely, for it is guarded by Howard Rock. The entrance to Venus Bay is marked by two sets of leading marks. The outer pair is quite conspicuous, especially the rear lead, which is so high that it can be seen above South Head well before the front lead is visible. The first pair of leads is approached from seaward while a close watch is kept for the second pair of leads, which consists of two beacons. These have recently been renovated. With an outgoing tide and a strong onshore wind it is possible for the bar to break right across and the entrance then becomes unusable.

Once inside the bay, the average yacht can steer towards the jetty, taking care to avoid the shallow patch near the first beacon and the sandbar lying north and east of the jetty. To the east of the jetty are a number of moorings for small craft. These are not to be trusted and no attempt should be made to use them.

[ image: Venus Bay moorings.]
Morning calm at Venus Bay. The forecast was for a northeasterly in the morning, followed by a sea breeze, but only the sea breeze eventuated. This is quite common.
Give the whole mooring area a wide berth, as some moorings are derelict and constitute hazards to navigation. Anchorage may be had two or three hundred metres east of the jetty in about four metres. I was advised that the bottom near the jetty is stony and not to be trusted. Tidal streams of up to .8 kts were recorded in this position but the holding seemed safe and little weed gathered on the cable. I was told that the tidal streams can be stronger at times.

The old general store was burnt to the ground in 1990. It has since been replaced by a new building with a fair range of goods. A limited range of supplies is available from the caravan park store. Diesel fuel is available at the jetty to those with suitable fenders. Particulars of the tourist attractions around Venus Bay will be found on a local web site.

Fixed blue lights have recently been added to the leading marks at the entrance. With the aid of these and the green three second flashing light near the jetty it is possible to enter and exit the harbour in darkness, given reasonable conditions.