Titanic Links

The Titanic Inquiry Project

This great contribution to Titanic studies contains the full texts of both the US Senate Inquiry and the enquiry conducted by the British Wreck Commissioner, Lord Mersey, into the Titanic disaster. The text can be read on screen or downloaded for lengthy study. Thanks to the work of many people, the texts are now more accurate than the original printed texts, as many misprints from 1912 have been corrected

The site now includes the transcript of the Lusitania inquiry, plus some of the depositions taken for the American civil claims.

Encyclopedia Titanica.

Phil Hind's excellent site about all things Titanical. Very strong on the crew and passengers, with contributions from many nations. As of February 2007, it contains well over 3,000 pages and has biographical information on all the Titanic's passengers and crew. Check out the deck plans. Marvel at the awful sentimental and patriotic songs "inspired" by the disaster. If you can, contribute your little bit to the site. There is a message board for serious contributers only. Don't bring up Rose and Jack, or that bloody mummy!

Titanic Research and Modeling Association.

The owners of this site would like it to be known for its emphasis on research. This is not confined to Titanic but extends to the other Olympic class ships and other vintage liners. The material on modelling ranges from stock plastic models, through to the most elaborate scratch-built work. An amazing example is the 20th scale working model of Titanic's port engine.

Titanic and Californian

David Billnitzer examines the arguments of Captain Lord's defenders and finds them without credibility. A much needed dose of commonsense on this much argued subject.

Dalbeattie, Home of First Officer Murdoch

The Home Page of the home town of First Officer Murdoch, who remains a local hero to this day. Gives his life story and news on the town's quarrel with James Cameron over his depiction in his film.

The Smoking Gun

This site has several documents relating to the disaster. An interesting example is a set of standing orders to White Star captains, stressing the need for safety to be their first priority.

Titanic Historical Society Vice President

The Titanic Historical Society Vice-President, George Behe, has his say on the "manufactured mystery" of Californian and other topics. His exchanges with Leslie Harrison, Captain Lord's best-known apologist, are particularly revealing.

The Movie Script

Cameron's movie, of course. This is an early version of the script and includes the so-called alternative ending. Read it, argue over it, act it, satirise it. Recast it starring the Muppets for all I care!