Acknowledgements and Sources

This site includes much original work. The theory on the error in the SOS position is entirely mine, as is most of the work on the view of Titanic from Californian. The approach to the problem of Californian's position is my own. The theory concerning the error in Captain Rostron's timing is entirely original, as is most of the work on Carpathia's course The fantasy in which Californian goes to the rescue is all mine. The page on the astronomy of the night is entirely mine, with computer assistance. The page on the course and time needed to avoid all ice was prompted by a question on the alt.history.ocean-liners.titanic newsgroup. For the rest, I have drawn on the US Senate enquiry and certain key books, as well as my own knowledge of navigation. The main references used were as follows.
  The material on Cruising the West Coast is drawn entirely from personal experience. All anchorages described have been used by my Roberts 27, Chloe II. All the photographs were taken by me during various cruises made since 1991. I am indebted to Geoffrey Manning's Place Names of South Australia for information about the naming of Elliston and other matters.

 Special thanks to the North Haven branch of the Australian Volunteer Coastguard for information about their radio network and to the State Library of South Australia for assistance with books and charts.

All text on this site is © D. Gittins, 2011