Smoky Bay

Smoky Bay is an old port, which has now become a surprisingly progressive little town. It may be approached by sailing along the coast from Ceduna or via Waterwitch Channel. The channel between Cape Missiessy and Eyre Island is suitable only for shallow draft vessels with local knowledge and should not be attempted. Refer to chart AUS 120.

Having arrived at the jetty, anchor on the northern side, taking care to select a sandy patch. Ignore any moorings, as these are suitable only for small motorboats. Only the inner end of the jetty is usable, the rest being separated from it and derelict. Although this position is quite exposed, the surrounding waters are so shallow that no dangerously large seas can develop. Landing is easy anywhere on the beach, which is of coarse, broken shell.

The town can provide a fair variety of stores from the general store and a takeaway food shop. Diesel fuel may be conveniently obtained from the general store, as it is only about 100 metres from the beach. The store sells liquor, as does the Community Club, which serves in lieu of a hotel. Telephones are located next to the takeaway shop near the boat ramp.