Saint Francis Island

St Francis Island is the largest of the outermost group in Nuyt's Archipelago. Apart from its size and height, it may be recognized from a distance by the light structure and radio aerial on its summit near its eastern corner.

The anchorage is in Petrel Bay on the north side. Choose the end giving most shelter from the wind blowing at the time. When a heavy sea is running outside the bay, some of the swell gets round the ends of Petrel Bay and it may become a little uneasy.

Contrary to information published elsewhere, the island is not inhabited, having been a National Conservation Park since 1967.

[ image: St Francis Island ruins.]
Ruined homestead, St Francis Island. The saltbush hides numerous shearwater burrows and the climb to these ruins is difficult and risky.
The ruins of two houses and some associated structures stand on the hillside overlooking the western end of Petrel Bay. Any tracks which may once have existed are now over-grown and walking on the island carries the same risks from shearwater burrows as at Franklin Islands.
[ image: St Francis Island anchorage.]
Chloe II  lies at anchor in Petrel Bay. The flat rocks fringing the beach will be covered at high tide and are a hazard to outboard motors.
Landing on the beach is hazardous, as the apparently sandy beach is almost entirely fringed by rocks of various heights. Their visibility varies somewhat with the tide, but only a few metres of beach are clear of them. To avoid damage to the dinghy or its outboard, examine the beach closely before trying to land.