A study of chart AUS 120 shows that Ceduna may be approached via Waterwitch Channel, east of St Peter Island, or by Yatala Channel, to the west.

Waterwitch Channel offers smooth sailing in sheltered waters, but I doubt if this benefit outweighs the drawbacks of trying to locate nondescript day beacons against a generally featureless background. If using this approach Saddle Peak and Cape Destrees are about the most distinct landmarks. From the outer part of the passage the silos at Thevenard are visible on a clear day. Check the vessel's position and course frequently and remember that the passage is subject to quite strong tidal streams.

Yatala Channel is the passage for large ships using the port of Thevenard. near Ceduna. It is well marked with port and starboard light beacons and is easily entered by night or day. It is not necessary to follow the marked channel precisely in the early stages and a little time can be saved by sailing directly from number 1 beacon to number 11. From there the channel should be followed properly, to avoid a shallow patch to starboard.

Just past the Thevenard jetty, which is not for use by pleasure craft, two uncharted starboard hand day beacons mark the edge of a shallow and rocky patch. Once clear of this, course may be altered towards the end of the Ceduna jetty.

[ image: Ceduna jetty.]
Ceduna jetty. It is possible to anchor a little closer in than the yachts shown, but be cautious. The other anchorage is to the left of the distant silos.
The most convenient anchorage to the town is just south of the jetty, but do not venture too close in, as the area is rather shallow. Better shelter would be obtained southwest of the jetty, near the southernmost boat ramp, but be sure to avoid the shallows off the conspicuous yacht club. This anchorage is far from any shore facilities. Landing on the beach near the jetty is easy, but there is a little broken glass in places.

Ceduna can supply all kinds of stores from a variety of shops. Tools and repair materials are available and mechanical work can be carried out. The only sources of diesel fuel are rather a long way from the beach. The yacht club did not seem very active and I believe it is as much a social centre as a sailing club.