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Titanic:  Monument and Warning. by
Dave Gittins

Portrait of the author, now with bionic eyes for seeing through tall stories.

An in-depth examination of the legendary disaster and its aftermath.  Presented in a novel digital form, with unique features.

Foreword by Martin Pirrie, grand-nephew of Viscount William Pirrie of Belfast.

Presented on CD-ROM and combining the features of a website and a 400 page book.
Fully indexed, with nearly 1,300 on-screen references and footnotes, containing several thousand citations.  These appear on demand when the mouse pointer is placed on symbols linked to them.



Was Titanic "the ship of dreams" or just another ocean liner?  Study the reasoning behind the lifeboat regulations.  Learn why the lifeboat situation was even worse than is generally supposed.  Was serious structural weakness covered up?  Did Captain Smith really try to avoid the icefield?  Consider the strange story of Captain Stanley Lord.  Was he scapegoat..., victim..., or villain...?

The e-book contains about 100 diagrams, scans and photographs, some of them rare or unfamiliar.  It includes a few little-known personal stories and clears up some legends.  Its emphasis is nautical, historical, legal and political.  As far as possible, it is based on primary sources.  Its style is clear, quirky, sometimes amusing.  You'll even learn to sing a song in praise of Lord William Pirrie!


"A book that lays to rest the exaggerations, rumours and sheer lies that surround this disaster."  (Martin Pirrie.  Grand-nephew of Lord William Pirrie).

"...often wry, yet informative and on-point, making for an enjoyable reading experience."  (Michael Tennaro.  The Titanic Book Site).

"...very informative...many new and interesting facts...Congratulations on a splendid book."  (Lester Mitcham.  New Zealand Titanic researcher).

"I cannot recommend it highly enough."  (Dr Paul Lee.  Physicist and Titanic researcher).

"Super presentation, never seen one like it."  (Charles Payne.  Formerly of Harland & Wolff).

"Dave Gittins' new e-book which, I have to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed."  (Andrew Williams.  English Titanic researcher).

"Of all the books of reference I have consulted, I have found yours to be the most comprehensive, impartial and professional."   (Lt Commander Geoffrey Carr RN). 

System Requirements.
IBM PC with any processor post 486.
Conventional horizontal CD-ROM drive.
Mouse. Scroll mouse best.
Windows 95 or later.
Internet Explorer 5 or later.  Internet Explorer 7's tabbed browsing enhances the e-book beyond the author's expectations.  The e-book contains unique features that do not work with other browsers.  The sample screen shots will display with any browser.

See working demonstration.  (Internet Explorer only.  Set screen to 800 x 600.)

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