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Welcome to a site devoted to two very different aspects of seafaring.  For the world at large, some thoughts on the Titanic disaster, which I hope you will find original and thought-provoking.  For fellow South Aussies, some hints on cruising our wild West Coast.

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Titanic Navigation Avoid Point
The Fatal Course Coffin Bay 
The SOS "Position" Waterloo Bay
The Carpathia Legend  Waldegrave Is
Mount Temple Venus Bay 
Where was Californian? Sceale Bay
Lights at Night Streaky Bay
Saved by Californian? Franklin Is
Seeing Stars Smoky Bay
Bright "Sparks" St Francis Is
Quote.   Unquote Ceduna
That Damned Wheel! Coastguard Radio
Time v Lives Exploration
Rappahannock's Warning White Pointer Shark
Terminology  Reserved
Almerian a Fiction? Reserved
Acknowledgements Weather and Hazards

The Authentic Dimensions of Titanic 

Verse and Worse
A Little Light Relief For Titaniacs.

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